Angels Among Us 2019

BethAngelo's Brain Brigade

Please join us on BethAngelo's Brain Brigade team for the 2019 Angels Among Us 5K/walk/fundraiser for the Tisch Brain Center at Duke University Hospital. The event is Saturday morning April 27th at Duke University.

Beth began to experience very serious headaches on Valentine's Day of 2018. Her headaches and unsteady gait continued for a week and she visited her neurologist. They gave her a pain medication by injection for the headache and scheduled an MRI. However, prior to the MRI, Beth's headache became so severe that she went to the ER early one morning. Scans at the ER showed a brain bleed and possible tumor so Beth was transferred to big Wake Hospital. After encouragement from friends, Beth went to see a Duke neurosurgeon to get a second opinion and was scheduled for surgery for removal of a tumor. After the surgery on March 15, Beth was diagnosed with a glioblastoma stage 4. The physicians at the Robert Tisch Brain Center quickly developed a treatment plan for Beth. She underwent 6 weeks of targeted radiation daily at the tumor site. She was also placed on a oral chemo regimen daily for 6 weeks. Now Beth is currently taking her chemo regimen 5 consecutive days a month until May 2019. Beth has also been a participant in a study at the Brain Center that may contribute to better outcomes and tolerance of treatments in the future.

Despite going through brain surgery, radiation and chemotherapy for her glioblastoma, our dear Beth continues to maintain her special sense of humor that we all know and love. She is not letting the surgery and chemo treatment slow her down. She loves to keep her physician's on their toes!

Beth is still playing tennis several days a week. She is painting some and is planning to get back to teaching the students at Cary Fine Arts Studio to paint like Michelangelo.

Please join Beth's friends and family in supporting the wonderful physicians, staff, and treatment of the Tisch Brain Center. You can participate with us in the Angels Among Us 5K/Walk or you can donate here online if you cannot join us.

Thank you for your support!!

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