Angels Among Us 2019

Sole 2 Soul - Brains are the New Boobs

For our third year participating in Angels Among Us, we have added a special honoree and rebranded our team. "Sole 2 Soul - Brains are the New Boobs" formerly "Team Katy - Brains are the New Boobs" honors Jim Godek (1964-2017) of Virginia Beach, VA and Katy Ebersole (1969-2016) of Edenton, NC. Both were Glioblastoma patients at Duke Cancer Center, and unfortunately both were taken from us far too soon. Although Jim and Katy never met, we have learned that they were very much kindred spirits. They each had a fierce passion for life, a great love of laughter, and both were impossibly strong in their difficult brain cancer battles. (Also, they both LOVED their pet golden retrievers!) While undergoing chemotherapy treatment, Jim finished an Ironman triathlon! Katy returned to the practice and teaching of yoga. Both found strength in the ability of their physical bodies to heal their minds and comfort their spirits. "Sole 2 Soul" specifically honors that aspect of their lives. It is appropriate that, even after their death, they bring us together for a fitness event to celebrate our own strength and to, most of all, honor and remember them.


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