Angels Among Us 2019

The man who saved my life, Dr. Sri Gururangan, and I!
The man who saved my life, Dr. Sri Gururangan, and I!

Hannah's Heroes


Dear Friends,

I have formed the team Hannah's Heroes in honor of myself, and will participate in the Angels Among Us 5K and Family Fun Walk on April 27, 2019 to support The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke. All proceeds raised will go toward brain cancer research at the Center to help provide new and more effective treatments for brain cancer patients.

In February 2003, when I was 16 months old, I was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a highly malignant primary brain tumor. After nearly two years of intensive treatments and surgeries, I survived both the orignal tumor and a recurrence in the spring of 2004. My survival is attributable not only to the indomitable spirit of a very special little girl, but also to the skill and dedication of an amazing team of medical professionals at the Brain Tumor Center at Duke. The care and cutting-edge treatment that I received at Duke helped ensure my survival and ability to thrive, even though I was given only a 20% chance at life. Today, I am a happy and healthy eleventh grader who has been in remission for over 13 years.

Please consider supporting my team  so that more children diagnosed with brain cancer can receive treatment at this incredible institution and be as fortunate as I was.

Thank You

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