Angels Among Us 2019

Dickie's Double trackers


My name is Tammy Newton, I started this team to honor the memory of my big brother, Dickie Westbrook.  I lost my brother to Glioblastoma back in 2015.

Why did I pick the name "Double Trackers"?  Double-trackers is a phrase that he came up with on his own that represented two railroad tracks.  One of his passions was trains.  In his office at home, everything was about trains because he worked on the railroad his entire adult life. He was even a union representative.  I actually keep a pin in my purse that belonged to my brother. 

Another of Dickie's passions was staying active.  He was a trail bike rider, and that 60-some-year-young gentleman was about to take up another sport he had done in his younger years: Surfing!  

Another of his biggest passions was Soccer.  He taught soccer to both of his daughters. He passed that passion for soccer down to his second-oldest granddaughter. 

Lastly, his BIGGEST passion was his family.  He was married to Janie for over 30 years when he lost his battle.  Janie was by his side the entire time he was sick.  We practically had to force her to go out just go out to lunch when Glio had him bedridden at home.  Dickie and Janie had two girls and 5 granddaughters.  The youngest was just under a year old when he passed.  Some of his best times was playing with his granddaughters.  

It is my hope, with my brother's strong will, we can all have a hand in finding a cure for all brain cancers.  With continued research, we can also find different treatments and medications to help with the effects of cancer and the side effects of the medications.  

Thanks you for taking the time to check out our page! 

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