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Leonard Galati - 28 years old
Leonard Galati - 28 years old

Lenny's Laugh

Twiddle your thumbs. Eat a cheddar cheese sandwich. Read the paper. Sing out loud to the music in the grocery store.

Go to a comedy movie and out to dinner I think is what he would want to do. Be with his kids.

Tickle my kids

I really miss him :) I have tons of good memories of going over there on Sunday after church. I loved that he was ALWAYS ready for dessert :)

Take your kids grocery shoppping, walk up to the register and start emptying your cart, and pretend that you don't have enough money to pay for everything.

Make graham crackers with peanut butter and jelly

Wear two different color shoes to work

Nibble on cheese. Nibble.

Enter a contest of any sort!!!!!

Laugh so hard at Married With Children that he sounded like he was crying.

We used to race to put our seatbelts on every time we got in the car when it was just the two of us, even though he would open my door for me and then have to run around the car to get in.

Lenny in a harried rush...."Jo have you seen my glasses???" Jo- "Lenny they're on your face!" Pam- "LOL"

When your kids beg for an ice cream cone at cliffs...tell them there's ice cream at home!!

Unwrap every present he was ever given so slowly, and without a tear, that you thought you might lose your mind! I love to giftwrap now, at least I know he would've appreciated the wrapping job :)

Last minute! We're going to a Yankee game! Get your shoes on!

Do all of your fish cleaning and scaling in the front yard of your house if you fish today!! Haha! So gross!

Every Galati must have stock in scotch tape because you wrap and tape just like him.

Eating grits even though he wasn't a fan! Want my husband to be like that too ;)

Being the "original" Hottie Galati!

Ask your kids "Are you going to a fire?" if they eat their dinner too fast! Right Sher?

Put on a bib every time you eat spaghetti

Send tons of lengthy emails. Can you imagine his posts if FB was around then? He would have loved it.

Tickling so much, I laughed myself to tears every time.

Wash the dishes completely and then put them in the dishwasher. Hum your own tune while you work!

Lol just thinking about how embarrassing it was when he would sing in the grocery store, even though he sounded great.

Load the dishwasher with extreme organization. I do it every time, can't help myself!

Every time I load the dishwasher I feel his disapproval when I close the door on the chaos that is the way I do it. I always smile and think Well it's your job.

Go on a road trip and sing sing sing! "You load sixteen tons and what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt.
Saint Peter don't you call me cuz I can't go,
I owe my soul to the company store..."

Go to a sad movie and Lenny is the first to cry!

Lenny eating applesauce cake to the very last crumb which is why my mother let Lenny cut the cake
When she wouldn't let her children have it. He likes it more!

Go to a matinee movie and smuggle in a tuna fish sandwich. Then wonder why everyone around you that can smell the tuna are giving you looks!!!

Have a tool box that would make a 20 year auto mechanic jealous

Fix your car...aaalllll weekend long!!!!

Snack of the day must be peanut butter and graham crackers.

I challenge all of you to not step foot into a bathroom today without the paper!

Breaker breaker. You out there Moondogger?

Invented sarcasm.

I loved Uncle Lenny because he made everyone feel like he loved you so much - even if he picked on you like crazy- which he always did- he made you feel special. And he could make you laugh at anything:)

Kevin I keep reading this thread over and over and something about your Moondogger post brings me to the brink of tears every time. I'm ready to get a cb and wait for an answer.."Breaker breaker. You out there Moondogger..."

How about...let ur child walk around the grocery store with someone else's shopping cart & not say anything!

Cook chicken on the grill and blacken it beyond recognition to ensure its fully cooked!

I have great memories of your dad. I have witness the nibbling on cheese, bib and thumb twiddling. Sara it made me sad too but cracked me up at the same time. Sure do miss him.

He used his finger to press down and smoosh each individual crumb of applesauce cake onto his finger to eat every last taste. Weird eating's where Sara gets it! : )

I wrote this status with a smile of my face, hit post and started bawling. Ahhh Daddy. We miss you.

love the wounded in korea stry

I loved reading all of this yesterday. Man I miss him.

My only memory of granddaddy is getting a bunch of fisher price knights for Christmas and he named one of them Sir Dick. It made me so upset because I thought his name should have been Alex.

Oh! And I thought of another way to celebrate Dad!!! Hit the salad bar and make a salad that towers so high you may not make it back to the table!!!

Moondogger was Dads CB handle. In the 50s Alan Freed got a job as a disc jockey at a small radio station in Cleveland. His intro music was a rhythm and blues song called Moondog. His show was the first to play Rhythm and Blues on a high powered radio station. It was still considered African-American music at that point but he brought it mainstream. Many say he coined the phrase “Rock and Roll” to describe the music. He landed in NYC in the 50s and called himself the Moondog and his listeners were the Moondoggers. It’s gotta be where dad got it.

If they still have Saturday with Sinatra on the NJ oldies station, put it on and make your daughters do chores while being tortured by it. Remember that Sheri Galati DiBernard ??

Smile your biggest and most beautiful smile. That is ALWAYS how I picture him.


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