Angels Among Us 2019

Avery's last day of chemo!
Avery's last day of chemo!

BrainE Battle Angels

BrainE Battle Angels are ready take on brain cancer!

In June 2018, we discovered that our world can change on a dime.  Avery was diagnosed with a partially anaplastic grade 4 medulloblastoma, non-hedgehog tumor.

CANCER...CHILDHOOD BRAIN CANCER. We are still in disblief.  The journey has been incredibly tough with a major brain surgery, an emergency shunt placement surgery,  radiation (two months in a different state away from our family and friends), chemotherapy, and many other challenges that you would only know unless you've been there.  BUT, after her post treatment MRI in February 2019, Avery is considered TUMOR FREE!  We have a long road to walk to reovery and hurdles to overcome. So she's excited to join you all at the 26th Annual Angels Among Us 5K + Walk of Hope.

It'll be her first time and she'd love to have her family and friends all join her.  Watch her proudly lead the Walk of Hope with other brain cancer survivors and then come join her! 

Please join BrainE Battle Angels on April 27th and celebrate together "At Duke, There is HOPE!"

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