Angels Among Us 2019

Landy, always smiling
Landy, always smiling

ROFL - Remembering Our Fabulous Landy

Since Gary and I moved to Cary, North Carolina in late 2018, it made sense for us to support this important cause near and dear to my heart, as I did so before Gary became the keeper of my heart.  Landy received excellent care at the Duke Brain Tumor Center from 2009-2011.  (It is a bit surreal that nearly 10 years have passed since his diagnosis.)

Gary plans on running the 5k, then we will walk together, honoring Landy’s life and those angels among whom we will share the day.  For anyone who wants to join our team, we welcome you!  We appreciate any and all tax-deductible donations, no matter how big ;), to support us in our fundraising efforts on behalf of those still treating their very difficult and challenging brain cancer diagnoses.  

Some days I struggle to process all Landy endured relevant to having three different types of malignant brain tumors.  Becoming a cancer patient, now thriver/survivor, myself is still difficult to believe at times.  The memories of Landy’s courage and the hope we saw here at Duke certainly played a factor in how I tackled my own diagnosis, treatment and the expectation of my physicians in Chicago.  They passed the “Duke comparison test” just fine.  I have lost too many in my adult life to cancer, and way too many I care about are enduring their journey presently.  A cancer diagnosis is life-changing and has a ripple effect among those whose lives it touches.  Duke is all about hope with their patients, and it is such a beautiful gift they have to provide their patients.  Now I know even more so.

For those of you who knew him, Landy was quite fabulous.  Gary is quite fabulous, too, to support me in this fundraising effort.  Remembering so fondly Landy’s love of life, laughter, determination and bravery.  He truly is an angel among us.  

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