Angels Among Us 2019

2013 Walk Team Picture
2013 Walk Team Picture

Team Pacman



This is the 8th year we will participate in the Angels Among Us event. The first year, supported by family and friends, we went without knowing what to expect. It turned out to be an amazing event, full of hope, comradery, and infectious enthusiasm. It had a profound effect on Debbie and me. It made us realize just how important Duke was in supporting us and thousands of others in the fight against brain cancer and the importance of continuing research for information and treatment of the disease. When you couple the event with a spiedie cookout it turns out to be an absolutely wonderful day.

Each year Debbie was more excited about Angels Among Us than the year before. She looked forward to and planned for it more than any other thing with which she was involved. She spoke of it often and I could tell how excited she was as the date for the event came near.

The time for Angels Among Us 2018 is quickly approaching. I am very much looking forward to it. I hope you will join Team Pacman and participate in the walk. If you are unable to be onsite with us you are welcome to join the team as an “Absent Angel”. To join the team go to the Angels Walk home page:    you will have to copy and paste it as I don't see a way to put it in as a hyperlink.

click on "register", then "join an existing team". Put "team pacman" into the search box. With Team Pacman under the search results click on "join" and then select the type of member you will be, depending on whether you wil be onsite for the walk or not (absent angel).  It costs nothing to join as an absent angel but doing so will show your support to Team PACMAN.  If you do not want to receive any future emails regarding this year (or any future) walks please send me a response to this email letting me know and I will remove you from the contact list.

Following the event we will continue the tradition of a spiedie cookout at the house. Everyone is invited!!!!   More details will be provided as the party date nears.

Two years ago at the walk I spoke to Dr. Dejardains (Debbie's doctor).  She told me of a 60 minutes piece on progress that Duke has made in the fight to combat Glioblastomas.  Here is the web address of a three and a half minute video that was aired shortly after last year's walk:  again, copy and paste will be required.

Please take a minute to join the team and send me a quick note if you will be able to attend. I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the walk.





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