Angels Among Us 2019

McInnis Miracles

This is my dad's story: David McInnis 1947-2013

In the 1970's, I started having seizures and was put on medication. I could feel the seizures coming on because the words that didn't make sense would just come to me. For years, I took anti-seizure medicine.

In 1990 when the MRI's first became available I had my first MRI. In June of 1990, I had a grade 2 Oligodendroglioma removed. It was on the left side of my brain where the speech is located. I took radiation for a couple of months and went on with my life. 

I worked for Florida Power & Light up until June 2000. I had my annual MRI in June of 2000, ten years from the month of my first tumor- another tumor was there.

I had it removed and didn't start any treatment until August of 2000. I went to my radiologist and he told me that he would be sending my results to different places to see if i could get into a trial. The entire tim going through this process neither the neurosurgeon nor the radiologist told us exactly what I had and how serious it was. I do remember my neurosurgeon saying," It is the quality of life not the quantity."

August 2000, my oncologist told me, "The first tumor was a puppy, this is a pit bull!" I was accepted into Duke trial. My daughter lives in Charlotte and I flew up there and we headed to Duke.

I was many different chemotherapy. My tumor would grow back and then we would start a new chemo. Duke NEVER gave up HOPE!

March of 2010, the dr. told me and my daugher that tumor has grown, bigger than any other time. We started 3 different chemo's and a month later I had a MRI and it had SHRUNK. 

As my daughter says, she was put in North Carolina for a reason and if it wasn't for GOD and DUKE- I wouldn't be here.

May 29, 2013- my dad lost his battle to brain cancer. He survived 13 years with a GBM.  

I wouldn't wish this journey on anyone.  For 13 years, MRI's every 2 months, waiting to hear the results.. the worst rollercoaster ride you could get on.

DUKE- Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center research gave me my dad for 13 years that he shouldn't have been.

Survivors, Angels in Heaven, families, and friends- Our HOPE is that you are able to lend your support and encouragement as our teams walks to support this cause that has changed the lives of many patients and their families.


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