Angels Among Us 2019

Contemplating life and all the wonderful folks along the way.
Contemplating life and all the wonderful folks along the way.


On  8/3/18 our lives changed drasticlly. It's been a different world since then. Some of it very scary and some of it full of such heartwarming moments we would not trade for anything. You learn what you are made of.  You learn what others are made of. John fights this fight 24/7 and never complains....luckily our lives are filled with excellent souls who keep spirits high, positivie and focused. From those of you who support us in all kinds of different ways....each so meaningful, each so appreciated to our team at Duke University's Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center.  Our care via Duke has been nothing but exceptional...from the Drs., Nurses, Researchers, Admins, Schedulers,Transport Folks, Concierges, Valets, Food Service Folks, Janitors, Greeters etc.  I promise you...they are the real deal.  They are working VERY hard to try and find a cure for this lethal cancer and all brain tumors and in the meantime provide exceptional care. They TRULY care about their patients and you feel it from the moment you step on their campus. Their motto is "At Duke There is Hope" and as you all know...sometimes that is all you have and it's all you need. We have attended Brain Tumor Board meetings and listened to the Researchers speak and conversed with many of the Drs. there.  John's kick ass Neuro Oncologist, Henry Friedman MD calls him EVERY Saturday to chat and after a few months started ending the conversation by telling John he loves him.  That is how much they care. Hope, love, kindness, laughter....will get you through almost anything.  You all have played a VITAL part in also supplying us with love, hope, kindness and laughter and so much MORE!  You surround us with good karma and trust me....we feel it and could NOT do this without EACH and EVERY one of you!  John, I, William & Elizabeth thank you from our souls. We were not sure that we were going to be able to participate in this fundraiser, Angel's Among Us, because we did not know what John's status would be...BUT we are very excited  to say that we are going to be able to participate and are VERY much looking forward to it!  This is in part due to the excellent care and research at Duke. Our favorite company with the BEST of colleagues and friends.... NTT Data is helping support the event too! We have formed a team #johnstrong and would VERY much appreciate ANYTHING you could donate to help these brilliant folks find a cure for brain tumors for adults AND children.  It all adds up and it takes a village. Any advancement in any type of cancer is a stride forward for ALL cancers. The mechanisms of killing cancer translate from cancer to cancer. Duke is making great strides each and every day...funding often holds research back. This is their biggest fundraiser and they depend on it. They help whoever they can however they can. They even offer free consultations in a timely fashion! Sometimes within a few minutes of a call Dr. Henry will call the person back to help guide them! Please consider helping them in whatever way you can...donating, words of encouragement, running/walking with us etc. This is an excellent cause we can highly vouch for. THANK YOU for your support since 8/3/18!  We would not be here without you. I know it's short notice....but if you would like to run/walk with us in Durham.....we would LOVE to have you join us!  We will get you a T-shirt! and a warm hug!  Just let us know! :) 

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