Angels Among Us 2019

Sweet Uncle Brian
Sweet Uncle Brian

Brian's Babes

Friends & Family, 

I could write a whole book on my sweet uncle Brian, but since he was a man of few words, I won't begin to try. Uncle Brian never needed to say much at all to have the biggest impact. I truly believe that relates entirely to my Grandfather's exact calming nature, loving presence and heart of gold. Two men forever left me with the biggest impact on my life.

I will never forget that weekend in May, which was supposed to be a celebration of my two beauitful cousins Graduating middle school and high school, and the perfect time to celebrate my Grandparents 60th Wedding anniversary. Instead of celebrating momentous occasions, those moments were quickly consumed and abruptly turned into the worst day. In a few days and whirlwind of emotions, we all learned the diagnosis we never wanted to hear... Brain Cancer. Never once did I see him defeated or hear him say any negative thoughts on his diagnosis, but instead, he turned to faith with his loving family by his side to shower him in support and become BRIAN STRONG. 

With the help of friends, it lead to DUKE University and the team of Dr. Friedman who will forever be miracle workers for his quick surgery and started him on the road to chemo and radiation. They had a plan. I admire the strength of my Aunt Gail, the girls, and our entire immediate and extended family for helping navigate through the past 2 years. I am thankful for the (almost) 9 years I have lived in Savannah and was able to spend that quality time with not only him, but watching my cousins grow up. Through living on Dutch Island for a bit, summer boat rides, endless Sunday dinners, nights of Wheel of Fortune and Price is Right, and all the memories in between, it’s just not enough. I will forever cherish those times, but also can't help but be angry for the future memories we will not get to share. His time on earth was taken from us all way too soon. 

So here I am, hoping for more. On behalf of my sweet uncle and family asking for your help to come together and celebrate his life because that is exactly what he would want us to do. $.50, $1 or as much as you can donate to support the miracle workers of Duke who gave outstanding care for Uncle Brian and that together we can contribute our donations for providing education for brain tumor research and the ongoing support of the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center. My biggest goal is to hope for a better tomorrow and for future families to continue to have life long memories with their loved ones. For futher hope that they will not have to go through the loss of a loved one but rather cheer them on at the finish line of their diagnosis. 

Just like in the last few moments of his life as we watched Tom Brady throw the touchdown pass to score, and as the Patriots won the Superbowl, I can't help but know that was all his sign letting us know he is with us. I know he's smiling down each day while living up with the big guy and our other angels, all the while playing golf, driving his boat through the clouds of heaven, solving all the puzzles, eating all the clams, all while drinking a beer and cheers-ing to us all. 

Forever your, Brittany Jane

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