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April's Glio Blasters

April's glio journey:

April had 2 siezures the morning of April 1, 2018. A mass was found in her right frontal lobe and she had a successful craniotomy for tumor resection. She received the diagnosis of Grade IV Glioblastoma and began researching her options. April experienced the compassion, knowledge and determination at Duke's Cancer center and knew that was the place to be.

April and Todd packed their car and headed to North Carolina where they would live during her 6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. She decided to name her cancer Glio and during radiation treatments she would tell him he was dying and she was winning the battle. 

The end of June, April and Todd returned back home in Indiana. She would soon start the 5/23 temodar treatment and return to Duke every other month for MRI and follow up with Dr. Desjardins.

The MRI in August showed regrowth of ugly Glio.....this was only 4 months after her tumor resection. April decided to bring out the big guns and attack Glio with the Polio virus. Her friends at Duke worked fast and it was scheduled the following week. 

September 6, 2018 the polio virus was infused into Glio. 

April has remained strong and positive through this entire battle. She will beat Glio!! 

 April lost her battle against Glio, October 26, 2019. She remains a winner in my heart though. Glio didnt win......because April never gave up hope!!

Her strength and courage was unbelievable threw her whole journey. 

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