Angels Among Us 2020

P.O.P. Rocks Participants - 2018
P.O.P. Rocks Participants - 2018

POP Rocks

P.O.P. Rocks - Positivity, Optimism, Prayer

P.O.P. Rocks will be appearing at Angels Among Us this year for their 13th time! POP stands for positivity, optimism, and prayer.

This team was formed in 2008 when my dad, Rob Cones, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. In February of 2008 my dad had his surgery which was a complete success. He went through 45 days of radiation/chemotherapy in March. This was followed by a year of chemo (5 days a month for a year). MRI's continued at first every 2 months, then every 3 months, then every 4 months to 6 months and now only once a year!

There continues to be very stable MRI results and we are so grateful to Duke for all they have done for my dad! Please help us reach our goal of raising funds for the TISCH BRAIN TUMOR CENTER at DUKE!

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