Angels Among Us 2020

Wendy's Warriors

Determined. Passionate. Inspiration to many. Strong-willed. Incredible.

If you know or have met Wendy Good, you know she embodies these qualities and countless others. Her fight with glioblastoma since her trip to the ER on April 21, 2019, followed by a subsequent primary brain cancer diagnosis with multiple tumors on May 1, has been no exception.

The Duke Cancer Center is a collaborative institution creating breakthroughs every day that are fueling discoveries and advances for cancer previously thought impossible. Treating all types of brain tumors, Duke Cancer Center is made up of world-class specialists leading the way for 3,700 patients every year with a robust research program finding better outcomes for brain tumors. Both the center and Durham have become another home base for us, with Wendy continuing to make new best friends across the city (to no one's surprise!).

Since day one when Wendy first walked through their doors, we have been surrounded by the most compassionate and skilled staff at Duke Cancer Center. From receptionists and nurses, to Wendy's radiation and neuro oncology teams, every person we've met has contributed to Wendy's journey and where she is today. Knowing she is in the best hands possible has provided great comfort to our family and friends, and there is no other place we would rather support! We hope you'll join us.

With love and gratitude,

Emily, Allison and Julian

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