Angels Among Us 2020

Clara, Jason, Abby and Emily on family vacation this January!  We are grateful for good health!
Clara, Jason, Abby and Emily on family vacation this January! We are grateful for good health!

Clara's Angels

Thank you for visiting Clara's Angels!  We invite you to join our team on October 10, 2020 at the Angels Among Us VIRTUAL 2020 event. As you may know, this event benefits the Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke Hospital where Clara had brain surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and participated in a cinical study.  She is now 5 years post treatment and doing well (for those of you who know Clara and her history of operating on Clara time, she is even working on converting Clara time to the current time zone)!

For those of you who have just come to Clara's Angels, here is a brief recap. In December 2013 after a second brain surgery, Clara was diagnosed with gliobastoma multiforme or GBM. Thankfully, she was quickly linked to a team of doctors at Duke's Tisch Brain Tumor Center and began an aggressive battle against brain cancer.  After beginning with a rigorous course of radiation, her treatment plan included a combination of immunotherapy (amazing science - look it up!), chemotherapy, and far more needles than she'd ever care to recall. She completed her treatment officially in April 2015 and continues to stay in close contact with her caregivers at Duke, in addition to building relationships with new and current patients.  

We are blessed and amazed by Clara’s health and the work continuing at Duke and remain grateful for all support.  Please consider joining us at Duke on October 10, 2020 at Angels Among Us, a celebration of life and the fight against brain cancer.  We are learning what this virtual event will entail and will keep you informed.  Pandemic or not, patients at Duke need our help.  We will continue to rally around Clara and all the others in treatment at Duke and are supremely grateful for your support.  We hope you will join us!

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