Angels Among Us 2020

Brady's Believers

My brother, Brian Brady is a healthy, active hardworking husband and father.  In October 2019, he went to work at the nuclear power plant and his employees and coworkers became concerned because of his slurred speech.  He went to the local emergency room where they thought he had suffered a stroke but a cat scan revealed a mass on the brain. He soon found himself at Georgetown University Hospital where the tumor was removed and he discovered that he had glioblastoma.

Brian is at the very beginning of his journey. He ended up at Duke University when a cousin's husband knew a guy, who knew a guy, who knew THE guy at Duke University and the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center.  Brian's faith in God and the folks at Duke have given him the most important thing he needs to wage this war...HOPE.

Brian wants to raise awareness and research money for those who are supporting him and helping him in this battle.  He also wants to remember those who went before him as well as helping those who come after him.  It is through your donations and the research that is being done at Duke that a cure will be found and no other family will have to go through this.  

Brady's Believers in faith, hope and a cure.

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