Angels Among Us 2020

Pirates of Kaos

In March of 2015 my life changed forever. I was a couple months shy of my thirty second birthday when I found out that there was something growing in my brain. It was an ill-defined left frontal lobe primary brain neoplasm; a brain tumor. The beginning of what would become a very differant journey from the path I was looking at. On April first I underwent surgery to remove the tumor and after the resection a biopsy was done. The biopsy confirmed that it was brain cancer; the cancer journey was offically underway.

Since that unexpected news in March it has been an interesting journey and has has not just changed the course of life for me, but also for my loved ones. This year I am putting together a team, Pirates of Kaos, to help support brain tumor research and I am hoping that you would be willing donate. In order to ensure the success of this fundraiser, I am seeking contributions to support this cause. Donations are the key to its success and make it possible to continue the research and development of new treatments. Supporting Angels Among Us and the Brain Tumor Center at Duke will help to save lives, like they have for me and advance the research discoveries that are made every day.


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