CRUSH 2018

The Fault In My Arse

Join our team for the 2018 CRUSH 5K! Or donate toward our team's fundraising goal! Or share the link on social media! Or just give us a like and some positive vibes! Or even do none of that! We won't mind!

It's been a heck of a year for us - Judson's diagnosis wasn't even official until April 21st, so we'll barely be 11 months into this particular whirlwind by race time. However, we knew we wanted to participate in this event from almost the moment of diagnosis. Judson's never been much of a runner (editor's note: I hate it), but he'd been jogging regularly to get a little more fit prior to the cancer and fortunately was able to keep up with his thrice-weekly routine all the way through chemo and radiation, right up to his first surgery in August.

The team at Duke was phenomenal and really made a difficult time for us much easier to navigate. Since the money we raise will go to help benefit colorectal cancer research at Duke as well as fund community outreach and education, we thought this was at least one small way we could try to thank the Duke community for helping us through the last 11 months and whatever the future may hold.

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