CRUSH 2019

Double A-hole

Most of you will already know, my brother Rik was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in May 2014. We have been fighting the battle against the disease ever since and will keep on trying. Rik has been very fortunate to have an incredible team at Duke providing for his care and treatment since it began. He participated in a clinical trial for nearly 4 years, seeing impressive results slowing the progression of his cancer. 2nd line of treatment has now failed and all treatment options are exhausted. As anyone who has ever known someone fighting cancer (most of you do), you will also know the treatments take a toll over time on everyone involved. As we often accompany Rik on doctor’s visits and treatments, we see the effect this disease has on so many families.  

March 9 my family, friends and I will be participating to raise awareness and support for Duke CRUSH Colorectal Cancer 5K Walk/Run. I am writing to ask your support either joining in the walk or making a donation. We need to continue the fight in finding a cure for this cancer.

Thanks in advance!

Team Double A-hole

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