Gail Parkins Memorial Ovarian Cancer Awareness Walk & 5K Run

Welcome to My Personal Page

I am a 8 year ovarian cancer survivor. Woot! This vicious disease snuck up on me with the faintest of whispers. If not for the "luck" of being hit with a soccer ball and thinking I broke my hand, I wouldn't have gone into a doctor until it was too late. I thank God everyday that we found my cancer at Stage II. With 15 months of chemo and another year of recovery, I am back to being the strong mom I was. But I will be forever changed - more scars and paranoia about recurrence, but also a shift in how I view the beauty of life.

Please join me in this fight for more women's lives. Your $ goes toward Duke bringing in more clinical trials, excellent doctors, and research to find an early detection method and cure. Thank you for your generous support! Together we can make a difference!