Gail Parkins Memorial Ovarian Cancer Awareness Walk & 5K Run

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Join me in the fight to find new treatments for Ovarian Cancer!  I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage 4 on June 5, 2017.  I went through an 8+ hour surgery in June 2017, followed by 6 months of weekly chemo.  My chemo ended on October 31, 2017.  In December 2017, I had a CAT scan that showed "no evidence of disease!" In 2018, I had 12 months of immunotherapy, Pembro, on a Clinical Trial phase 1 at Duke Hospital. I went every 3 weeks for an infusion of Pembro and a cancer anitgen blood test to see if there were indications of a return of cancer.  Prayerfully, God will help me be in the rare 10% of stage 3 and 4 patients who do not have a return of ovarian cancer!  I do pray for many, many cancer free years with Spencer, Kaitlin (21) and Roman (19).  I now go to Duke every 3 months for a cancer blood test and an exam until 2023 when I will go every 6 months.  

Join me in my efforts to support Ovarian Cancer Research as I participate in the Gail Parkins Memorial Ovarian Cancer Walk & 5K Run.

If you are able to support our team's effort to raise money, we would greatly appreciate your donation!  We also would love for you to sign up to walk or run with us but you do not have to walk/run to make an impact with a small donation!  We appreciate every dollar to find an end to ovarian cancer.

Thank you for visiting my Ovarian Cancer Awareness page!  During these challenging economic times, the need to come together as a community could not be stronger.  Any amount, great or small, helps to raise money and awareness in our fight against ovarian cancer.  Duke is making progress with new and better treatments and continuing their goal of finding an accurate screening test and with your help it will become a reality.  I greatly appreciate any support that you can afford and will keep you posted on my progress.

Once again, thank you for your generous support!  Together we can make a difference!

Praise God as He is the ultimate Healer and He is also the Provider of all we need!

Details for the walk on September 21, 2019 are on the home page of the Gail Parkins Memorial Ovarian Cancer Walk/Run.