Gail Parkins Memorial Ovarian Cancer Awareness Walk & 5K Run

2020 Ovarian Cancer Virtual Walk & 5k Run

Angie's fight 2020

Welcome to my Team page for the 2020 Ovarian Cancer Walk!! This walk will be virtual this year due to covid.  I'm so sad this has to be done virtually since I was recently diagnosed.   I was hoping to do this walk and meet teal sisters who are also going through this.   There's always next year... Register or DONATE at

100% Donations go directly to research at Duke Cancer Institute for Ovarinan Cancer to find new treatments, cures, and diagnostic screenting tools to detect Ovarain Cancer earlier when it is more treatable. Most cases of Ovarian Cancer are detected at Stage 3 and 4.

This research will benefit Ovarian Cancer patients worldwide! Duke runs many clinical trials for new treatments every year. 

May 1st, 2020 I was diagnosed with advanced Ovarian Cancer. I was in shock and very confused. I am still trying to absorb all this. It's all so overwhelming. I had my annual OBGYN appointment Oct. 30, 2019. I had a Colonoscopy in November of 2019 and a endoscopy August 2018. I say all this to show that I take care of myself by routine doctor appointments. Ovarian cancer is the silent killer so many symptoms go unnoticed or get misdiagnosed. I experienced some of the symptoms like abdominal bloating, change in bowels, passing a lot of gas etc. But the gastro doctor thought nothing of it when I said something. I didn’t experience all the symptoms though like weight loss. My back pain was blamed on severe arthritis by my ortho doctor. My shoulder pain was thought of as muscle pain. All these are signs of ovarian cancer.
I am not trying to scare you but if you or a loved one is experiencing severe abdominal bloating (I felt and looked like I was pregnant and at times my stomach would be hard as a rock) please take this serious and see a doctor. I have had my stomach drained of all this fluid build up twice in one week. They sent the fluid away the first time to test it and delivered me with news that has rocked my world. I am not looking for anything but prayers and to educate other women. The oncologist told me I am 20 years too young for this so as you see cancer does not have a age. 

We are fighting for our lives as Ovarian Cancer has a 95% recurrent rate.

Thank you so much for considering donations to this important cause. Ovarian Cancer research has been underfunded and it is a very difficult disease for early detection. Most cases are detected well into Stage 3C where the survival rates drop to 38% and 17% for stage 4.

We need your help and we are so thankful for the prayers, support and encouragement you give me!

Join my team and let us Fight In Faith!!!



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