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Faye's Fighting Pack!!

Our whirlwind began in November 2011 when our mom, Faye Stephenson, found out she had a tumor in her ovary and would need to have surgery immediately.  Things were a blur after that.  On December 5, 2011, our family was hit with one of the biggest nightmares after her surgery.  We found out that our mother was diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer and that things were more extensive that the doctors initially thought.

Anyone that knows our mother knows that she's a very "strong willed" woman.  Within a few hours after surgery, after Dr. Sopar told her the news, she matter of factly looked at him and said "well, I'm not giving up, I'm fighting this." With the love of all of our family and friends, by the grace of God and the power of prayer (not to mention mom's strong will), she completed her 18 weeks of weekly treatment in May 2012 - all the while working pretty much every day, wedding planning for her daughter, working on getting another child graduated, and as always, being a strong support for her family.  In May 2012, mom was officially told she had "No Evidence of Disease" and was in remission!! 

On June 30, 2014 we learned that mom was no longer in remission, as a CT scan indicated a few spots on her abdomen and pelvis.  Dr. Sopar was very positive in his prognosis for mom, stating he was confident she would be back in remission after doing chemo every 3 weeks, for 18 weeks.  Mom began her chemo as soon as she could, the next day, July 1, 2014.  We are proud to say that mom won the battle, AGAIN! 

The awful disease came back again for an unwelcomed visit in October 2016, mom again began fighting immediately by starting back with chemo on October 13, 2016.  She finsished this round of chemo March 2017.  At her last CT Scan, it showed that the most concerning tumor was gone; while there were still small tumors left, the doctor felt that she could manage these best by starting a chemo drug that cuts off the blood supply to the tumors, preventing them from growing. 

On September 11, 2017, we found out we were going to take on the fight ONCE AGAIN with chemo.

It's been a L O N G road to say the least; but, with FAYE'S FIGHTING PACK by her side, she is still continuing to fight.

We have once again started chemo, so that she can, ONCE AGAIN, kick this awful disease.  She's a fighter, no doubt, and has many more blessings ahead: 2 new grandbaby BOYS due Summer 2019.  


Please help us raise funds to education, diagnose and hopefully find a cure.




We will all be out there on September 21, with more determination than ever to raise awareness, FIGHT and find a CURE for Ovarian Cancer!!!!!! 

Please join us!

Let's Paint it TEAL!!!

"I choose to create awareness for Ovarian Cancer because someone I love didn't have a choice in the matter."


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Team Faye's Fighting Pack 2017!

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