Pink Ribbon Yoga

Within yoga, we find support, camaraderie, healing, joy, and peace. We come in all shapes and sizes, and all ages. Some are more newly diagnosed and others have been thriving for decades. Some of us are very active in yoga, and others are beginners.Many are local to North Carolina, but we've had women join us from around the globe.  Everyone is welcome!

This year due to COVID-19 our four-day retreat format has changed. We will be offering a virtual Pink Ribbon Yoga session on Friday, August 21 from 10:00-11:30 am. During this time we will feature a sharing circle and will provide introductory level yoga videos for you to try. Register for this no cost event by visting our REGISTRATION page.



A message from the Pink Ribbon Yoga founder: 


My name is Jean Costa, MSW, Certified Spiritual Counselor. I finished breast cancer treatment at Duke in 1999.  Because of the kindness and support I received during my treatment from the Duke Cancer Patient Support ProgramI joined their Advisory Board in 2000. I have practiced yoga for over 40 years and became a certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor in 2006. 

Yoga is one of the many disciplines I use to center myself. It helps me practice staying in the moment and it has helped me stay in touch with my body while making me feel strong, physically and emotionally.  With this in mind, I felt it would be the perfect vehicle for other breast cancer survivors.  In 2005, along with several dedicated volunteers and Duke Cancer Patient Support program staff, we created our first beach yoga retreat for breast cancer survivors.  It was in April, 2005 and 21 survivors attended. Since then, we've had hundreds of survivors attend.


If you have questions regarding the 2020 Pink Ribbon Yoga virtual event, call 919.684.4497 or email