Online Module Package 1


This package deal contains three of our Deer Steward online modules, including:

  1. QDM and the QDMA – this course has 9 topics including a complete description of quality deer management (QDM) and the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), how QDM differs from other deer management strategies, the role of genetics in deer management, harvesting the right number of deer, and more.  It includes 7 articles and 2 videos.
  2. Whitetail Biology – this course has 13 topics including information on mature bucks, doe:buck ratios, how deer see,  how deer sleep, and more.  It includes 12 articles and 1 video.
  3. Whitetail Rut – this course has 10 topics including QDMA’s guide to the whitetail rut, the moon’s impact on the rut, why the rut is so different in the South, which bucks get to breed, and more.  It includes 10 articles and no videos.
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