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Book- Deer Cameras, The Science of Scouting
Book- Deer Cameras, The Science of Scouting


Winner of the 2011 Pinnacle Award for best book of the year from the Professional Outdoor Media Association!

Learn how to choose the right trail-camera for your goals, how to capture the highest-quality photographs, how to conduct trail-camera surveys, and how to monitor other wildlife beyond whitetails.

Part 1 (4 chapters) covers trail-camera technology, choosing the right camera, scouting techniques and photo quality tips.

Part 2 (4 chapters) covers the trail-camera survey method and teaches you how to estimate deer density, sex ratio, fawn recruitment, buck age structure and more. These chapters are the most detailed and comprehensive guidance ever published on trail-camera surveys.

Part 3 (4 chapters) includes tips for targeting mature bucks, tracking seasonal buck movements, property surveillance and security, plus more.

242 full-color pages written by a team of 11 experts and more than 400 color trail-camera photos taken by QDMA members.

Softcover. Published by QDMA.

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