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Canadian Guide for Successful Transition to College and University

Our "Guide for  Successful Transition to College and University" has been re-published and substantially expanded with 129 additional individual college and university school facts to provide Canadian secondary students with a comprehensive review of diabetes support programs for college and university students living with diabetes.

Our NEWTransition Guide currently features the following:

  • Portrait of diabetes support programs acrosss accedited Canadian colleges and universities;
  • Review of government legislation protecting the rights and benefits of students with diabetes across Canada (10 provinces);
  • Summary of the responses from the online questionnaire developed and sent out to over 300 alumni to document our own alumni’s transition experience;
  • Individual fact sheets for 192 Canadian colleges and universities; and
  • Over 360+ tips for transition to college and university

The transition to post-secondary education is an incredible milestone in the life of a young adultliving with type 1 diabetes. The transition can seem overwhelming for both teens and parentswho are trying to balance the financial, emotional and practical elements of going away tocollege/university and transitioning to adult diabetes care.The primary objective of this guide is to empower students and their parents with informationthat would help make the transition easier.

All proceeds from the sale of the guide are used to support the delivery of Pre-Transition Workshops for youth in transition across Ontario. For more information, please contact

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