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Recognizing the need for providing a tool for students to take charge of their nutritional needs and requirements, Diabetes Hope Foundation, along with their alumni spearheaded a supplementary guide to accompany our “Guide for Successful Transition to College and Universities” to provide youth in transition with easy, healthy recipes and tips for managing their diet and diabetes while living away from home and on campus.

Focusing on restrictive dietary needs associated diabetes, celiac disease, lactose, tolerance, gluten free and vegan requirements etc., the recipe guide features favorite healthy recipes for study snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. The final alumni recipe guide has been reviewed and tested by a diabetes educator and registered dietitian to ensure that the recipes will help students achieve balanced diets to thrive while they are at school.

How Do I Buy the Book?

Our Transition in the Kitchen Recipe Guide is available to order online through our website for $24.99. This includes free shipping within Canada. All proceeds from the book will support our DHF Athletic Scholarship Fund for secondary students living with diabetes. For more information, email


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Recipe Guide
Diabetes Hope Foundation's new Transition in the Kitchen Recipe Guide features quick, easy, delicious, healthy, and diabetes-friendly recipes that can be adapted for special and restrictive diets.


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