CHaD HERO 2020

Unstoppable Uffords

Please help us raise money for the CHildren's Hospital at Dartmouth.

As many of you know, Louie and Charlotte have been spending some extra time in CHaD while we learn more about their special narrowed vessels. Supports like Molly's Place and the Child Life departments have been very helpful. This week we'll also be spending time in the CHaD Pain Free clinic while we get the next round of MRIs done.

This year we are going to join in the fun to raise awareness and money for the current and future kids in need.

Thank you for helping the Unstoppable Uffords,

Charlotte, Louie, Liz and Matt (he'll be working the event)


We're CHaD HEROES and OUR mission is...

...participating in the CHaD HERO, a fun and inspiring fundraising event benefiting Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD). Please join me in my fundraising mission by clicking the "Donate Now" button on the right.

CHaD HERO proceeds fund critical child and family support services at CHaD, including the Child Life Program, Molly's Place, the Child Advocacy & Protection Program, and more. 

Your Donation Matters:

Regardless of size, every donation matters, and we sincerely appreciate your support on behalf of CHaD. Here are some reasons we're asking for your donation:

•CHaD serves 95,000 unique pediatric patients annually from across Northern New England

•No child is ever turned away due to financial or insurance circumstances

•The Child Life Program alone is able to serve 12,000 kids each year thanks, in part, to fundraising from the CHaD HERO.

Thank you for supporting CHaD kids! 

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