CHaD HERO 2019

Team brAVERY

Team brAvery is back for the CHaD HERO 2019 and we are looking to be bigger than last year. 
Avery was diagnosed with Leukemia in April of 2017 at CHaD and immediately went into agressive chemotheraphy  to fight her disease.  By October 2017, she had been given some of the most powerful chemo drugs out there and she lost all her hair and had many side effects that come with this kind of treatment.  She had to stop going to school and couldn't have play dates or be around people.  At the end of October, she joined her family and friends at the CHaD Hero race and it was one of the first times Avery was out and about in months. 

Talk about an inspirational day for Avery and all of Team brAvery.  She had a smile on her face all day and inspired many of us to run a little harder.  The Team united around her in sweat, tears, and fundraising. We finished third overall in fundraising and we had over 40 participants who helped us raise $16,000.  In 2018 we were again one of the top fundraising teams and Avery was the CHaD Kid Hero!  The Kid HERO is a CHaD Kid who serves as an ambassador to the CHaD HERO event. Each year, there is a new, SUPER Kid HERO who represents CHaD to the community. We were so honored that Avery was selected as the 2018 Kid HERO! 

The Hero Run is obviously a very important event for our family.  Now after 2+ years of treatment, Avery is now done with chemo and meds.  She still goes to Chad once a month for checkups to make sure the cancer hasn't come back.  She is in remision and out of treatment but she is not done with CHaD by any means.  Just because she is done with chemo doesn't mean Team brAvery is done helping CHaD raise money.  We are as inpsired to help as we were when she was first diagnosed.   So join us at the event or through a donation! The CHaD HERO proceeds fund critical child and family support services at CHaD, including the Child Life Program, Molly's Place, the Child Advocacy & Protection Program and more. 

Your Donation Matters:

Regardless of size, every donation matters, and we sincerely appreciate your support on behalf of CHaD. Here are some reasons we're asking for your donation:

•CHaD serves 85,000 unique pediatric patients annually from across Northern New England

•No child is ever turned away due to financial or insurance circumstances

•The Child Life Program alone is able to serve 12,000 kids each year thanks, in part, to fundraising from the CHaD HERO.

It goes without saying that you probably know a child who has benefited from the fantastic care provided at CHaD.

Thank you! 

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