Prouty 2020

Frye Family Team For The Mamas

This year the FRYE FAMILY TEAM FOR THE MAMAS will be joining together VIRTUALLY from many states and many countries for the 39th Annual Prouty.  

Thank you for joining and/or supporting the Frye Family Team!


Even in this time of combating the novel coronavirus the needs of cancer patients continue unabated and the need for cutting-edge research to better diagnose, treat and prevent cancer is more urgent than ever. Money raised helps to fund cancer research and patient supportive services at Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

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Thank you for your support!

Letter from me, Krysta:

This year, The Prouty is more personal and more important to me and my family then ever before.  Recently, my mom was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma and has had surgery and started immunotherapy.  This will be a long challenging road as she has more surgery to come and immunotherapy every month for at least a year, assuming things go well.  My mom is lucky to be able to benefit from cancer research, have transportation to and from her many appointments and good insurance to help with the cost of treatment.  However, many people are not so lucky and on top of having this life changing diagnosis, they struggle to get to these appointments and pay for the treatment they need to fight this disease.  For these reasons we “Prouty!”

I am proud to say that my mom has worked to grow The Prouty as a member of the steering committee for 25 Years.  The Prouty began for my mom as a way to give back and fight cancer after she lost her mother to cancer. She has always involved me in many aspects of The Prouty since she began her work with The Norris Cotton Cancer Center.  It has always been a family event for us that starts many months before the event even begins. I hope to participate in many more Proutys with her and my family.

I know this is a hard time to ask for your support as everyone is affected by this pandemic and may have lost loved ones, jobs or are working on the frontlines to support us during COVID19.  So, I am just asking for any support you can give. I will happily accept your positive thoughts and rooting for us in this year's virtual Prouty. 

Thanks for your support! Let’s Prouty!


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Frye Family Team For The Mamas has 109 members and has now raised $34,606.91 from 148 donors. Their goal is $20,000.00.

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