How to Prouty in 2021

Plans are underway for the 40th Prouty and we promise to bring an inspirational event to our community, despite the global pandemic. We will produce an enhanced virtual event in 2021 which will include a live ceremony broadcast, Prouty Gear Rewards with curbside pick-up, and much more.

We will announce our in-person Prouty participation options in early spring 2021 based on safety and health guidelines. Space will be limited. In-person participation sign-ups will open to pre-registered participants first and fundraising minimums will be applied for each participation type. Stay-tuned for more details!

How to Participate in the Virtual Prouty

How to participate - Prouty

Virtual Prouty: 40 Days for the 40th

Virtual participation allows creative options to join The Prouty, for anyone, anywhere, any way, at any time between June 1 and July 10, 2021! Virtual participants can join teams or create their own. If that timeframe doesn’t work for you—no problem! You can complete your virtual Prouty any time that works for you.

There are no registration fees or fundraising minimums for the Virtual Prouty. Check out our Prouty Gear Rewards page to see what you can earn with your fundraising efforts!

Virtual Prouty Ultimate

We don't have to be in-person to ride a Century (or two!). Click here to learn more about the Prouty Ultimate.

Traditional Ways to Prouty

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The Prouty is a 40-year-old event and, before a global pandemic, we brought 4,000 people together on one Saturday in July in Hanover, NH. When we’re in-person, Prouty participants can choose any of the following ways to Prouty:


20, 35, 43, 50, 65, 77, or 100 miles

Fundraising Minimum: $150

No matter how skilled or ambitious you are, there is a scenic Prouty route for you. There are even two gravel rides a Gravel Metric Century (65 miles) and a 70K Gravel Ride (43 miles) where you can tour the best less-traveled roads in the area. Both gravel routes are designated for the experienced cyclist with a higher level of self-sufficiency.


200 miles

Registration Fee: $150
Fundraising Minimum: $2,500

If 100 miles is not enough, check out The Prouty Ultimate two-day, 200-mile ride! Click here to learn more about the Prouty Ultimate.


3K, 5K, 7K or 10K

Fundraising Minimum: $150

Residential and wooded walking routes take in destinations such as historic Hanover, Dartmouth College, the Connecticut River, and scenic Oak Hill. Ordinarily there are nature points of interest on the wooded walks, historical points of interest on the residential walks, and a chocolate milk SAG stop on the Dartmouth Green!


5, 10 or 15 miles

Fundraising Minimum: $150

Row the spectacular Connecticut River. Participants bring their own boats, then row in an “out and back” format to the famous rowing SAG in Lyme, N.H., known for its amazing breakfast! Support is offered by on-water safety launches.


18 Holes

Fundraising Minimum: $250

Play 18 holes to help make a difference in the fight against cancer. Golf course location and details will be available soon—stay-tuned!


In a normal year you can always be a virtual! Virtual participation allows creative options to join The Prouty, for anyone, anywhere, any way, at anytime! Virtuals can join teams or create their own.


No matter how many hours you can give, there is an opportunity for you to make a difference! Our volunteers have a huge impact on The Prouty by helping participants park, travel safely, eat, play, compost, and much, much more.

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