40 Faces of The Prouty

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Patty Armstrong

Founding Nurses

Patty Armstrong
Prouty Walker; SAG Volunteer; Survivor

My first Prouty was in the early 2000’s with a group of fellow breast cancer survivors who I’d been gathering with regularly to support one another. That first year I walked as part of Team TGIF and helped in the volunteer tent.

The Prouty is an opportunity to change focus from what can be an isolating experience dealing with cancer challenges into celebrating with a community of inspiring people along the wide spectrum of the cancer treatment, recovery, and support process. The Prouty is my chance to reconnect with others to celebrate personal treatment successes as well as to remember and honor those we’ve lost.

As someone who has successfully (so far!) overcome several cancer diagnoses, I Prouty to support the research, treatment, and continuing care needed by all who face cancer or who have loved ones whom they support in that fight. It takes a broad array of medical expertise and a breadth of personal support systems to navigate those challenges.

I Prouty for those I love and in support of the valuable resource at Norris Cotton Cancer Center. The Prouty represents the personal and the public hope I feel every day.

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