Decrypting the Book of Revelation Season 2

Decrypting the Book of Revelation Season 2

Decrypting The Book of Revelation Season 2

Since the Apostle John’s depiction of his supernatural encounter on the Isle of Patmos, people have searched through the book of Revelation to understand it’s secrets.  Through this in depth series, Decrypting the Book of Revelation, Rabbi Schneider unveils a unique perspective on this book, using the lens of the Hebrew prophets and the word’s of Jesus in the Gospels.  In Season Two of this series, receive the answers you’ve been searching for about important end time elements such as the rise of the antichrist and the mark of the beast.  Decrypting the Book of Revelation is your simple guide to understanding the End Times and building hope for the future!

Subtitles: When Will the Antichrist Arise, The Heart of the Antichrist, Power of Darkness Exposed, The Gospel of Me, The Mark of the Beast


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