The Covenant Names of God

The Covenant Names of God

Throughout the Bible, God has been called by many names. In fact, the Lord Himself, even revealed to us His own personal name.   In “The Covenant Names of God” Rabbi Schneider reveals each name and will help you to understand the special meaning of the Lord’s Hebraic Names and how they apply to you today.   You’ll learn God’s personal attributes and be inspired to connect with Father God in a deeper, more personal way.

Covenant Names of God

Episode Titles:

The Covenant Names of God: Elohim, :Yahweh Yireh, Yahweh Ropheka, Yahweh Nissi, Yahweh Macadesh, Yahweh Shalom, Yahweh Rohi, Yahweh Tsidkenu and Shammah

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