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Tell your elected officials to reject Trump's budget

Last week, President Trump announced his budget priorities.  He proposes massive cuts to programs with broad, bipartisan support to keep our air and water clean and our cities thriving. His cuts include:

  • Eviscerating the EPA by cutting its budget by 31% -- more than any other major federal agency -- and the eliminating 3,200 jobs.
  • Cutting the EPA’s enforcement budget by 24%, creating an ‘open season’ for polluters.  
  • Ending funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a program with strong bipartisan support to clean up the largest freshwater bodies in the world.
  • Eliminating federal support for long-distance Amtrak trains that connect rural America to our cities. 
  • Cutting the “New Starts” program to build and rebuild transit, light rail, and commuter rail around the nation.
  • Cutting scientific research budgets at EPA, NASA, National Labs and elsewhere – research that supports, among other things, renewable energy development.
  • Cutting critical DOE funding for research and development of new energy technologies from biofuels to batteries that is so important to encourage market development.
Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy has called this a “scorched earth budget.” She’s right. If approved, this budget would set back environmental protection by 40 years.

Please use the form below to tell your elected officials to reject these cuts.  

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