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Tell US EPA to Uphold the Clean Water Rule

In 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) clarified which bodies of water are protected by the Clean Water Act with the Clean Water Rule Now, the Trump Administration’s EPA wants to go backwards by repealing that rule. Water resources are so interconnected that in order to protect our celebrated Midwest waterways – the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes – we also need to protect the backyard brooks, community creeks and steady streams that feed them. That’s what the Clean Water Rule accomplishes.

The EPA plans to repeal and replace the Clean Water Rule. This removal of clarity will threaten 117 million Americans who get drinking water from streams that the Clean Water Act was designed to protect. EPA’s proposed actions would result in the same regulatory confusion that resulted in broad-based calls for clarification regarding which of our nation’s waterways were safeguarded by this Act. 

The Trump Administration is putting clean, safe drinking water, and rivers, lakes, and streams at risk! EPA is taking public comment on its proposal to repeal the Clean Water Rule. These public comments are important for protecting clean safe drinking water, habitats for aquatic life throughout the Midwest.

Please use the letter below to tell the EPA to uphold the Clean Water Rule. 

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