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Help Protect the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

The Department of Commerce is reviewing the  2014 expansion of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Please join us in protecting this important national treasure. 

Thunder Bay is the only freshwater Marine Sanctuary in the United States – a 4,300 square mile resource that runs from Alpena to Mackinac City, Michigan in northwest Lake Huron. The sanctuary was expanded from 448 square miles in 2014. It now protects nearly 100 nationally significant shipwrecks in an area called “Shipwreck Alley.” Marine sanctuary status helps preserve and protect this microcosm of historical maritime commerce for visitors today and for future generations.

ELPC is fighting back. The Department of Commerce is expected to issues its review of all sanctuaries by October 25th. Tell Commerce Secretary Ross that you oppose cutting back or weakening the protections for Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.  


  • Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross

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Protect Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

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