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Tell EPA to Support Clean Energy and Limits on Air Pollution from Dirty Coal Plants

The Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in the process of repealing the Clean Power Plan (CPP), the nation’s first-ever rule to limit carbon pollution from coal plants. The CPP provides a clear path for the power sector to move towards cleaner, more renewable energy.

When fully implemented in 2030, the CPP will result in a way cleaner power sector:

  • 32% less carbon pollution
  • 90% less sulfur dioxide soot pollution
  • 72% less nitrogen oxides pollution, which contributes to dangerous smog pollution
  • And significantly more clean and renewable  sources of energy, like wind and solar

Climate impacts are already being felt here in the Midwest from stronger storms, more intense heatwaves, and harmful algal blooms in our lakes. Many Midwest cities also have unhealthy levels of soot and smog. The CPP’s reduced pollution will mean lives saved across the Midwest, where many coal plants still operate. 

EPA completed the CPP after a thorough process that included input from power plants, public health experts, environmental groups and the public. It took years to issue a final rule and EPA should focus on implementing these common sense standards that protect our health and the health of our planet.

The Trump administration is attempting to repeal this clean energy, clean air program. Tell the EPA to stop its repeal of the Clean Power Plan.  


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