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Tell IDEM to Properly Watchdog the Bear Run Coal Mine

The Bear Run coal mine will soon become the largest -- and least regulated -- coal mine in the Eastern United States. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has decided to "rubber stamp" the mine with the same weak general permit that governs many small mines in other parts of the state, rather than fulfill its obligation to protect Hoosiers and aquatic life.

Urge IDEM officials to issue an individual permit to the Bear Run facility so that the pollutants and toxins specific to that mine and the land it occupies are better controlled to protect public health and the environment.


  • Thomas Easterly


Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to better regulate the Bear Run coal mine by issuing an individual permit rather than the weak general permit. It will soon be the largest coal mine in the Eastern United States, and it deserves better than a "rubber stamp" approval from IDEM.

IDEM is the state regulatory agency charged with protecting the public from toxins and pollutants created by industry. But Indiana has a troubling record on environmental issues. By under-regulating the Bear Run coal mine, IDEM is taking yet another perilous step toward environmental harm and potential public health risks.

By taking the steps to issue an individual permit, IDEM will be taking the steps to research in the mine's public health and environmental risk factors and therefore fulfilling its duty to protect Hoosiers and aquatic life.

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