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Ask Congress to Support the Farm Bill Energy Title with Mandatory Funding

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Sign Our Petition: Support Cleaning Up the S.S. Badger and Keeping Coal Ash Out of Lake Michigan

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For too long, the S.S. Badger has dumped too much coal ash into Lake Michigan. It's time for this pollution to come to a stop. Sign our petition if you think the S.S. Badger should clean up its operations and stop polluting our Great Lakes.

Ask Congress to Curb Great Lakes Sewage Overflows

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It is not uncommon for powerful downpours to overwhelm wastewater treatment plants, leading to the release of billions of gallons of raw sewage and rainwater into the Great Lakes. Ask Congress to continue funding that curbs these CSOs.

Don't Let Congress Block Protections From Toxic Coal Ash

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Though there have been more than 100 cases of coal ash contamination across the country, there are no national standards for the disposal of coal ash. Urge your Senators and Representative not to block long overdue protections for toxic coal ash.

Protect the Boundary Waters from Dangerous Mining Impacts

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The Boundary Waters is one of the largest and most pristine water wildernesses in North America. It is also one of the most threatened, due to massive new mining proposals for the area. Take action to protect this special place.

Ask Illinois to Hold Dirty Coal Mines Accountable

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The Industry Mine is a proven chronic water polluter, and now Illinois is considering an appropriate fine. We need your help to convince state officials that there is a strong case for imposing a large fine based on the extreme number of violations.

Protect Our Lakes from Invasive Species

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By closing the locks to the Chicago Area Waterway System, we can separate the Great Lakes and Mississippi River ecosystems and help protect the lakes from the entry of Asian carp and other invasive species. Tell the Army Corps to close the locks.

Pledge to Support Clean, Local Power in Your Community

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By increasing the amount of clean, local electricity in their power mix, communities can customize electricity contracts that are both fiscally and environmentally sustainable. Sign our petition to support clean, local energy in your community.

Ask Congress to Support the Great Lakes Ecological and Economic Protection Act

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To ensure the protection of the Great Lakes, a bipartisan group of Representatives and Senators have introduced legislation called the Great Lakes Ecological and Economic Protection Act of 2013. Share your support of this bill.

Support Electric Vehicles & Green Jobs!

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Electric vehicles have the potential to replace gas-guzzling cars on our roads. Send a letter to your Representative urging continued support of strong vehicle emissions standards and incentives for electric vehicles.