$200 for a Textbook?!Make Textbooks Affordable

It’s Insanity. We Can Fix This.

College is expensive enough as it is, and the outrageous cost of textbooks can be a significant burden on many students.  Fortunately, affordable alternatives are starting to emerge, from open-source textbooks that are free online and affordable in print to on-campus rental programs and used bookswaps.  We just need to get more students, faculty and colleges to take advantage of them.

Sign the petition below to join the Textbook Rebellion, a movement of students, faculty, administrators and affordable textbook creators. Our goal is to demonstrate support for alternatives to the $200 textbook, and to get the word out to faculty in the process.



The skyrocketing cost of college textbooks is a significant problem affecting students, families and professors alike. Prices have been rising four times the rate of inflation and many books cost over $200 each.

We the undersigned believe the following:

Textbooks should be affordable. Publishers should stop raising prices unfairly and offer a way to access each textbook for $30 or less per term without lowering quality.

High-quality, affordable textbooks are available in many subjects. Professors can reduce costs by considering these options.

Open textbooks are an ideal solution, because they can be freely accessed, adapted and printed at a low cost. Decision-makers should prioritize support for open textbooks.

A compiled petition of names, schools, and comments (e-mail addresses withheld) will be delivered to faculty, college administrators, and legislators who can help bring change. Thanks for helping to raise awareness.


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TAKE ACTION! We need your help to get the word out to professors.

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Dear Professor Jones,

Hi, my name is John Smith. I am a Student at University of Knowledge. Thanks for taking a minute to read this – I know you are really busy.

I am writing to share with you a catalog of open textbooks, and a specific book that might be relevant for you: Sample Book by Author.

As you probably know, many textbooks cost nearly $200. Students like me are often spending around $1,000 per year on textbooks, and prices are currently rising at four times the rate of inflation annually. Combined with rising tuition and fees, textbook costs have become a serious barrier to learning. We often go without a textbook for a class, or try to share one book with many others. Frequently, we work more hours to pay for the textbook, which creates challenges balancing school and work.

I am writing to respectfully ask that you consider less expensive alternatives. In fact, there may be a low-cost, high-quality textbook available right now for a course you teach. While you are ultimately the judge of quality and fit of these textbooks to your courses, I just wanted you to know of the existence of a new option for your consideration.

As I mentioned above, you can review the catalog of open textbooks that may contain a book you could consider for one of your courses.

As I understand it, the books are written by leading authors, go through a lot of review, and are being used by thousands of professors already.

Thank you for listening, and for considering a less expensive alternative without sacrificing quality. It makes a big difference to a lot of people.

John Smith

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