Let's make Massachusetts Coal-Free

smokestackBurning coal is dirty business. Burning coal to generate power, heat our homes, and move our cars is the single biggest source of air pollution known to harm human health – responsible for an estimated 60,000 premature deaths each year.


The Mt. Tom coal-burning power plant in Holyoke has racked up nearly twenty-five hundred violations for excessive air pollution in the last five years. The plant is one of the largest polluters in Massachusetts.  With such an dangerous track record of endangering our health, we think it's time to retire Mt. Tom.


Help convince the owner of Mt. Tom, GDF-Suez, to retire the Mt. Tom coal-burning power plant in

Holyoke and clear the way for clean energy.


You’re message will make a real difference. Direct letters to the owner of the Somerset Power coal

plant in Somerset, Massachusetts helped convince the company to shut the plant down in 2010.

With your help, we know we can win.

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It's time to retire the Mt. Tom coal plant.

Dear  GDF Suez,

I'm writing to ask you to retire Mt. Tom.

Despite updating pollution controls five years ago, the Mt. Tom coal plant has had nearly 2,500 air pollution violations since then, nearly one illegal violation every single day. Residents of the Pioneer Valley are suffering. Asthma rates for children in Western Massachusetts cities like Holyoke and Springfield are more than double the rest of the state.

Your company attempts to project a green image by promoting renewable energy in Europe. Your charter says that you strive to "respect the laws and regulations concerning the environment and public health. Moreover, GDF SUEZ companies strive to go beyond the requirements of laws and regulations whenever technical and economic conditions enable them to do so."

The truth is that you can't claim to be green if you are operating an outdated coal-burning power plant here in Massachusetts that burns 1200 tons of coal a day adding to global warming pollution and polluting our air. Retire Mt. Tom and clear the way for clean energy in Holyoke.

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