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Short-sighted legal decisions have left millions of acres of wetlands and more than half of the nation’s streams vulnerable to pollution and development — putting the drinking water for 117 million Americans at risk.

Right now, the Environmental Protection Agency is working on a plan to clean up our rivers, lakes and waterways across the country. But with polluters and their allies in Congress trying to block them, we need to show massive public support for clean water.

Send a message to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to let her know that you want her to do everything she can to make sure our waters are once again protected by the Clean Water Act.

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Please restore Clean Water Act protections

Dear EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson,

Thank you for your commitment to improving water quality across the country. America's rivers, lakes and streams are a hallmark of our country, providing us with clean water to drink and opportunities to swim, boat and fish. We need to restore the Clean Water Act, and do everything possible to protect the source waters for rivers, lakes and streams across the United States.

Right now, streams and wetlands across our state are vulnerable to pollution because of confusion over which waters are protected by the Clean Water Act. These are the very waters that feed our most cherished waters and provide our drinking water.

By restoring the Clean Water Act we believe that the EPA can put us back on track to becoming a country where all our waters will be safe for us to swim in and fish from, and all Americans will have access to safe drinking water.

Thank you again for your dedication to protecting our waterways. We know that we cannot let our waterways continue to grow more polluted for another year.

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