Protect Pennsylvania from Marcellus Shale gas drilling


WEB_PAE_Key-Facts_LWCF.jpgFor the past three years, we’ve fought together to protect Pennsylvania from drilling — but with the gas industry spending millions of dollars to cozy up to our leaders in Harrisburg, we're not making progress fast enough.

We can't allow gas drilling to mar our hills and forests or poison our drinking water. Let's give our leaders something they can't ignore: 100,000 Pennsylvanians demanding—with one united voicethat they put our health and environment first. Sign the petition today.


Protect Pennsylvania from gas drilling

Dear [Decision Maker],

Gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale has become one of the greatest threats to Pennsylvania's environment and public health in decades, including:

* Contaminating drinking water supplies;
* Destroying our state forestlands;
* Increasing air pollution.

I am asking you to support a moratorium on further shale gas extraction in Pennsylvania until it is proven safe for our environment and the public's health.

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