Toxic chemicals are in my 16-month old!

MDP_Toxics-Baby_Action_1.jpgCHILDREN CAN HAVE MORE THAN 100 CHEMICALS IN THEIR BODY AT BIRTH. It’s time that Maryland do more to get toxins out of products our children and pregnant moms use. Maryland PIRG is spearheading the effort to remove dangerous toxic chemicals from all children’s products.

You can read the rest of Lauren's story here, but most importantly, send us your own story. Do you have children or grandchildren that you worry about being exposed to toxins? Are you tired of feeling like you need a chemistry degree to know if the ingredients in bath products are safe for your baby? Now’s the time to let your voice be heard. Go ahead, let it out! We’ll make sure your comments are submitted as public record to the legislature.


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Children can have over 100 chemicals in their body at birth

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