Tell Gov: Kasich: We want more clean energy

In the face of inaction in Congress, communities across Ohio are taking their clean energy future into their own hands and reaping the benefits of wind, solar, and energy efficiency. But extreme members of the Legislature are talking about rolling back Ohio's state energy law, which makes local projects more feasible. Tell Gov. Kasich that you support Ohio's clean energy future!


More clean energy

Dear Governor Kasich,

Ohio is far too dependent on dirty energy that pollutes our air and drains our economy. That doesn't have to be the case in the 21st century, especially since the state has so much potential for wind, solar, and energy efficiency.

Already, Ohio's Clean Energy Law, SB 221, has put us on track for a clean energy future. Thanks to the law, we're starting to repower the state with pollution-free energy, saving money and cutting pollution by investing in efficiency, and retooling our factories to build wind turbines and solar panels.

It will take big ideas to keep our energy policy moving forward. For Ohio's future, please work to strengthen Ohio's commitment to clean energy.

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