Save the Gap

The Delaware Water Gap, one of America’s most visited national park units with over 5 million visitors per year, is facing a huge threat. PSEG is seeking permission from the National Park Service to build massive 200-foot-high towers across both the park and the Appalachian Trail. What’s worse, the power line would transfer electricity produced by dirty, polluting coal-fired power plants in western Pennsylvania to New York City.

We need your help in telling Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who oversees the National Park Service, that the “No Action” environmentally preferred alternative is the only acceptable alternative that protects the Gap and keeps this massive project on the drawing board, not in the Gap. If you have personal experiences of spending time in the Delaware Water Gap, make sure to include that.


Save the Gap!

Dear Secretary Salazar,

The Delaware Water Gap is a national treasure, and should be protected as such. I strongly support Alternative 1, the "No Action" environmentally preferred alternative identified in the draft environmental review on the proposed Susquehanna-Roseland transmission line.

I urge the Park Service to select the "No Build" alternative as the "NPS preferred alternative" for the Susquehanna-Roseland transmission line to prevent the impairment of resources in our treasured national parks. Save the Delaware Water Gap from this massive industrial project.

Please consider this as an official public comment.

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