Tell your state representative to oppose the Tenaska dirty coal plant!

The Illinois House of Representatives is considering a proposal to build and subsidize yet another dirty coal plant in Taylorville Illinois—one that would pollute as much as million new cars on the road. We need policies to advance clean energy, not lock us into the dirtiest of energy sources for the next 30 years.

This bill could come up for a vote any time. Please contact your state Rep, and help us halt Illinois' rush to dirty energy. Use this form to tell your legislators that Illinoisans don’t want any more polluting, over-priced power.

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Defend Clean Air; Oppose Tenaska bill

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The last thing Illinois needs is more overpriced, dirty electricity. I urge you to oppose SB 678 (the "Tenaska bill") when it comes up for a vote this session, and continue to fight to repower Illinois with clean energy and green jobs.

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