Save Yosemite from toxic mining

Mining companies have staked 185 claims within 10 miles of Yosemite National Park—close enough that cyanide and other toxic chemicals they use to separate gold from rock could run off into the trails and wild lands that surround it—historically, mining wastes often escape into local waterways.

When confronted by a similar threat to the Grand Canyon, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar declared a moratorium on new mining leases outside Grand Canyon National Park. Now we’re working to unite thousands of Americans in calling on Secretary Salazar and the Obama Administration to keep Yosemite safe from toxic mining.

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Protect Yosemite from Mining

Dear President Obama and Secretary Jewell, 

Your decision to protect the Grand Canyon from mining was monumental.

Now, it is time to protect Yosemite. The pressure is on for mining companies to set up large-scale mining operations around Yosemite National Park.

We know that you will make the right decision and fulfill your duty to protect Yosemite from mining before it is too late.

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